Corporate Social Responsibility

Tecnoedil S.A. is committed with good environmental practices, work safety and society in general.


Our social commitment is reflected in the actions carried out within the surroundings close and next to our construction areas. We have improved surrounding school facilities, provided drinking water for habitants in the area, and built pools where fish breeding takes place. In the next few years, we hope to carry out another project to provide school kits for our employees’ children.


As a firm that is in the business of building roads throughout the country, we contribute to the environment’s protection by carrying out talks about the correct use of flammable material, first aid, and how to protect our environment. We have reforested quarry zones and have helped schools by donating computers and improving their structure layout.


Citizen awareness is also part of our commitment to society as responsible members of our community. Tecnoedil S.A. sponsors a radio campaign to provide awareness on the compliance of transit rules.


School Operators "Raul Velazquez"

Click here to view the report of the First Promotion Motoniveladores Operators.


Click here to view the report of the First Promotion.